Sign-up for TNGenWeb Cemetery Updates

Hi everyone!

I don’t send out updates to the group often, but we continue to be ever gracious for the support and contributions you as our volunteers, make to the project.
I do want to share an update for the TNGenWeb Cemetery Database – you may or may not know, but we have a central database of more than 400,000 burial records from more than 15,000 cemeteries across the state – our TNGenWeb Cemetery Database. As one of our state’s special projects, it’s a great offering for our site visitors.  It is only possible with the help of great volunteers such as yourself!
This week, we’ve worked to make it easier to know when the database is updated and when new listings/cemeteries are added. For that, we are pleased to announce an email newsletter option and an RSS feed option. We have a blog post announcing the new feature online at than wait for people to come to our site and look for new info, we are continuing our efforts to be proactive and deliver the information to them in real-time. 🙂 We also want to make sure the work our volunteers do for the project is widely known.
Please feel free to share this news with others. Thank you for your contributions & support of TNGenWeb!

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